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After years of tarot card reading for hundreds of clients, Rose Luna was inspired to create her own unique tarot card set. In between her readings, Rose would sketch her concept for a set of 52 unique card designs. Each card has two sides for a total of 104 illustrations. These renderings depict both positive and negative views of the same thought. The Illustrations were designed to make the cards easy to understand. They provide the information needed for each situation whether it is in the past, present or future. Included with every purchase of these cards is an instructional booklet to aid the reader. The reader may choose from the provided card spreads ranging from nine, ten and thirteen cards spread to further their understanding of Tarot Card readings according to Rose Luna's personal inspirational methods.

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Blessed Prayer Beads are handmade and specially

crafted to guide you in your quest to achieve peace and protection.

Follow this link to learn how to pray with Blessed Prayer Beads.

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